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  • How to: Bottle feed
  • Choosing baby clothes
Parenting Sibling rivalry: When kids get jealous Sibling rivalry: When kids get jealous

Brothers and sisters always bicker, but what causes sibling rivalry? Should you intervene or just let them be?

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Caring for baby Giving your baby a bath Giving your baby a bath

Most young babies don’t need bathing very often because, apart from their bottoms, faces, necks and skin creases, they don’t get...

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Special moments Baby’s speech and language

Baby’s speech and language

The learning curve Baby is learning Baby is learning

Baby's development is not always steady and he will have occasional learning spurts at certain periods of his early life.

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Wellbeing Screens: Not all bad for kids Screens: Not all bad for kids

TV and computer screens aren’t actually that bad for children... if used wisely.

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Baby's health Baby's health index

Baby's health index

Boundaries and behaviour Laughing baby Laughing baby

Sociable, optimistic, healthier and more self-confident... If you want your baby to grow into a happy person, work your own sense of humour...

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Life's milestones From nappies to potty From nappies to potty

The most important event in relation to the passing of urine and stools will be when your child moves from nappies to the potty.

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